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A Cone Beam CT Scanner Allows Us to Provide Accurate Diagnosis and Precise Treatment

Drs. Peter K. Hellwig recently incorporated cone beam CT scanner technology into his El Cajon, CA, practice to provide you with more accurate diagnosis, tailored treatment, and outstanding results. Our Dentsply ORTHOPHOS® SL 3D cone beam scanner retrieves thousands of high-resolution images in a shorter exam time, expediting your office visit and allowing us to diagnose you on the day of your exam. If you are receiving dental implants, we are able to use our cone beam scanner to precisely plan your surgery and facilitate a practically painless procedure.


Our cone beam CT scanner creates thousands of high-resolution images that aid us in accurate diagnosis and precise treatment. 

What to Expect during Your Scan

Upon arrival at our office, you will be directed into the scanner, which is equipped with handles to help you feel stable. Light localizers will help us determine whether you are in the optimal position to receive the most accurate, high-resolution images. One of our staff members will ask you to bite down on a mouthpiece, known as an occlusal bite block. The ORTHOPHOS SL 3D can be customized to fit the width of your temples to ensure that the scanner orbits specific to your anatomy. To prevent motion blurring and maintain your stability throughout the scan, the device is also equipped with vStable. This reduces the need to retake images and significantly cuts your appointment time. 

How Does Cone Beam Technology Work? 

During your exam, the cone beam CT scanner will generate thousands of high-resolution images from a single rotation around your head. These images show everything from endodontic health inside of your teeth to your airways and jawbone health.  One of our doctors will then complete post-processing on the images using the Sidexis 4 software.

Our cone beam CT scanner can reduce your time in the dentist chair and help us better determine the treatment you need for long-lasting oral health. 

Using these reconstructed images, the doctors will be able to illustrate your diagnosis before your eyes, helping you feel confident about the treatment you are about to receive. For example, with traditional 2-D imaging, your symptoms might make you believe you need a root canal for a badly infected or decayed tooth. However, with 3-D imaging, our doctors will be able to see whether your tooth structure is intact or whether an abscess has formed, which would require an extraction and not be effectively treated with a root canal alone. 

3-D Imaging and Dental Implants

If you are receiving dental implants, we use our cone beam scanner during planning and placement to perform more accurate, precise guided surgery. Avoiding major nerves and intraoral biostructures allows us perform surgery with less discomfort and more efficient healing time for you. 

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Our cone beam CT scanner can reduce your time in the dentist chair and help us better determine the treatment you need for long-lasting oral health. To learn more about the innovative technology used in our office, call us at (619) 440-6364 or contact us online. Our doctors have over 20 years of implantology experience and have placed thousands of implants since our practice was opened. We are ready to help you restore function to your smile with advanced, personalized treatment.  

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