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Which Patients Are Good Dental Implant Candidates?

Dr. Hellwig Jun 24, 2015

Man with healthy smile on gray backgroundIn an ideal world, your smile would remain intact throughout your entire life. However, according to the American College of Prosthodontists, approximately 178 million Americans have lost at least one tooth. Having gaps in your smile can make you feel self conscious about your appearance, and even lead to further oral health issues. Dental implants are an advanced restorative technique that Dr. Peter Hellwig and our staff can use to restore your smile. We will insert these titanium posts into your jawbone, where they will fuse with your natural tissue to form a secure foundation for a variety of restorations. Many patients wish to undergo this procedure, but you must meet certain criteria to qualify for it. In the following blog post, we explain which patients are good dental implant candidates. Contact our San Diego practice to schedule your consultation with us.

Our Dental Implant Treatment Options

Dental implants are versatile. Dr. Hellwig can place dental implants to secure:

  • Dental crowns, which can replace solitary missing teeth.
  • Dental bridges, larger prostheses that can replace multiple adjacent missing teeth.
  • Dentures, including partial or complete dentures for patients who are missing many or all of their teeth.  

Benefits of Dental Implants

Many patients opt for implant-supported restorations over traditional prostheses because dental implants:

  • Provide a stable hold for artificial teeth, making them more comfortable to wear
  • Do not shift during speech or require foul tasting adhesives to stay in place
  • Create a more realistic, attractive appearance for your smile
  • Exercise your jawbone tissue to prevent it from deteriorating
  • Make chewing, speaking, and oral hygiene simpler and easier

Who Is a Candidate?

You may be eligible for dental implants if you:

  • Are missing one or more teeth. This could be the result of extensive decay, tooth fractures, gum disease, or other oral issues. Dental implants can restore teeth that have been lost or extracted.
  • Have adequate jawbone tissue to secure the dental implants. Your bone will need to be large and dense enough to support the titanium posts. If you lack sufficient jawbone tissue, Dr. Hellwig may recommend bone grafting surgery to build up the bone.
  • Are in good general health. Chronic, immune compromising, or life threatening conditions could interfere with your implant placement surgery.
  • Do not currently suffer from any periodontal infection, as this could compromise the safety of your treatment and increase your risk for complications.
  • Have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure.   

Diagnostic Testing and Treatment Planning

Dr. Hellwig and our team will conduct multiple assessments to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants and plan your procedure. To evaluate your jawbone structure and look for symptoms of oral health issues, we will take digital X-rays and computed tomography (CT) scans. Dr. Hellwig may also take photographs of your mouth to create a baseline for treatment and explain how he plans to improve your smile.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants could help you reclaim your smile. Contact our dental practice today to learn more about this treatment or schedule a consultation with Dr. Hellwig.

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