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The Cost of Dental Implant and What Payment Options Are Available

Dr. Hellwig Sep 24, 2015

A dental implant supporting a crownPatients throughout San Diego put their trust in Dr. Peter Hellwig because his work is focused on quality results. This includes general dental care treatments as well as advanced therapies involving dental implants, a great option for patients who are missing teeth.

The cost of implant dentistry treatment has come up a fair amount among patients. Let's take a moment to go over the price of treatment and what payment options are available.

The Average Cost of Dental Implants

The average cost of dental implants can vary a fair amount from patient to patient. In fact, overall treatments can have a pretty wide range in terms of cost based on a whole host of factors. It's for that reason that we think providing an average price range or even a average cost of treatment would not paint an accurate picture of the considerations involved during treatment.

With that in mind, we would be more than happy to provide a price quote for dental implants treatments during the consultation process. This will include a full price breakdown of treatment and the various expenses that go into placing these artificial tooth roots.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Implant Dentistry Treatment

Some of the factors that affect the cost of dental implants treatment include:

  • The location of the practice
  • The expertise of the dentists and oral surgeons
  • The nature and/or complexity of the patient's case
  • The need for multiple dental implants
  • The need for additional procedures (i.e., bone grafting, gum augmentation)
  • Special promotions unique to individual practices

Is Implant Dentistry Covered by Insurance?

Typically no.

Dental implants are rarely covered by insurance. In some unique cases, insurance may cover the cost of implant dentistry if it is considered reconstructive in nature and a medical necessity. By and large, however, most patients' insurance will not cover the cost of dental implants.

Monthly Financing Options for Dental Implants

If the cost of dental implants treatment proves too expensive for an individual or a household, there are monthly financing and payment options to consider that can make the treatment process far more affordable.

These financing options function much like a traditional loan or a credit card. A trusted lending institution will pay for the total cost of treatment, and the patient will be responsible for paying back the total cost of the loan on a monthly basis. A reasonable interest rate will apply.

Helping You Make the Best Decisions About Your Dental Health

Undergoing implant dentistry treatment should not be taken lightly. The process takes time to complete and the cost can place a burden on some patients. It's for this reason that we will carefully discuss all treatment options with you in greater detail, going over the risks and benefits involved and also discussing the cost of treatment. By providing you with this information, you will be able to make a well-informed decision about your dental health needs.

Learn More About Dental Implants

For more information about dental implants and how they can help you have a beautiful and fully functional smile, be sure to contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. The entire team here looks forward to your visit and helping you have the best smile possible.

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