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What Are the Benefits of Tongue Scrapers?

Dr. Hellwig May 8, 2017

Tongue scrapers can enhance your oral hygiene and improve your overall dental health. Let's consider the benefits and advantages.

Getting to the Root of the Problem: Tooth Sensitivity and Exposed Root

Dr. Hellwig Apr 24, 2017

Tooth sensitivity can seriously affect your quality of life. Fortunately, exposed roots can be treated, and tooth sensitivity can be eliminated.

Why Do Hot and Cold Temperatures Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

Dr. Hellwig Apr 9, 2017

Hot and cold temperatures can sometimes lead to tooth sensitivity. Let's consider the causes of this discomfort and your treatment options.

The History of Toothpaste

Dr. Hellwig Feb 25, 2017

Read this blog post to learn about the history of toothpaste and why it is such an important part of our oral hygiene routines.

How Chewing Can Cause Tooth Sensitivity

Dr. Hellwig Jan 24, 2017

Sometimes people experience tooth sensitivity when they bite or chew. Let's consider the causes of this dental problem.

Bad Dental Habits That You Should Avoid

Dr. Hellwig Jan 7, 2017

Bad habits of all kinds can lead to poor dental health. Avoid these practices for good oral hygiene and optimal preventative care.

Common Causes of Damaged Crowns and Fillings

Dr. Hellwig Dec 23, 2016

Dr. Hellwig discusses the causes of damaged dental crowns and fillings, and teaches patients how to extend the lifetime of their restorations.

Can Preventing Cavities Also Prevent Tooth Loss?

Dr. Hellwig Oct 7, 2016

Preventing cavities is one of the best ways to protect your smile from tooth loss. Follow these tips to prevent tooth loss and cavities.

Protect Your Smile from the Common Causes of Tooth Loss

Dr. Hellwig Sep 13, 2016

Protect your smile from the common causes of tooth loss, including gum disease, with these tips from Dr. Peter Hellwig.

Avoiding an Acid Wash Smile: Tooth Erosion Treatment

Dr. Hellwig Jun 8, 2016

Tooth erosion occurs when an acidic oral pH causes damage to your tooth enamel. Let's consider your treatment options.

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