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Comprehensive General Dentistry Services to Improve and Maintain Your Oral Health

Preventive care is an essential component of good oral and overall health. Treatments may include advanced oral cancer screening, laser periodontal care, and oral bacterial analysis. At routine checkups, we can instruct our patients in proper hygienic techniques to help prevent disease and decay.

Detection of oral cancer in its early stages is critical to successful treatment. As oral cancer may not be visible to the naked eye or present with symptoms, patients should maintain routine visits for screenings. Dr. Hellwig can detect abnormalities and refer patients to specialists for treatment.

Hydro Floss® is an advanced oral irrigator that effectively removes hardened plaque missed by daily brushing and flossing. The buildup of plaque can lead to gum disease and eventually, tooth loss. To protect the oral health of his patients, Dr. Hellwig has been recommending this product for years.

Dr. Hellwig will always try to save a compromised tooth. If dental trauma or decay necessitates extraction, we can safely remove your tooth before restoring it with a dental implant and restoration. We can also perform wisdom tooth removal. To ensure your comfort, we offer several forms of sedation.

Dr. Hellwig may recommend root canal therapy if the inner tissue, or pulp, is infected or inflamed. During treatment, Dr. Hellwig can remove affected tissue before filling the inside of the tooth for added protection. We may then restore your tooth with a dental crown to help prevent reinfection.

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