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Advanced Preventive Dentistry Targets Gum Disease at Its Source

Preventive dentistry is an essential part of oral health and overall health. Preventive dentistry describes all of the treatments Dr. Peter Hellwig performs to prevent the development of oral health problems. Preventive care includes cleanings, patient education, bacterial diagnostics, laser treatments, and more. By maintaining great oral healthcare, patients can greatly reduce their need for costly and time-consuming treatments in the future. To learn more about preventive dentistry, contact our San Diego office today.

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To ensure optimal oral health, we recommend that patients schedule routine visits twice per year for a professional cleaning and exam.

Understanding Your Oral Health

As a part of your regular preventive care, Dr. Hellwig will perform an analysis of the bacteria in your mouth. Different bacteria lead to different conditions, some of which can become chronic issues for patients. Dr. Hellwig has studied antimicrobial warfare since the 1980s, developing in-office and take-home methods to help patients manage the bacteria in their mouths.

Bacteria not only causes dental problems such as cavity and gum disease, but it can also be a sign of larger health issues. By doing a bacterial analysis of your mouth under a microscope, Dr. Hellwig can determine what types exist and recommend treatment. Taking care of any bacteria conditions is important before you undergo any restorative or cosmetic treatments.

Periodontal Disease and Treatment

Just as bacteria can lead to cavities within your teeth, it can also lead to gum disease. The health of your gums and jaw are essential to your overall oral health. When plaque accumulates on the teeth, it irritates your gums. Left untreated, plaque develops below the gum line, causing pockets of bacteria to develop. These pull the gum line away from the teeth and eventually can lead to tooth loss.

Dr. Hellwig provides several types of treatment for gum disease, including ultrasonic cleaning and laser decontamination. During this treatment, Dr. Hellwig inserts a small diode laser beneath the gum line to destroy bacteria and stimulate the gum to reattach to your teeth. This procedure is fast and nearly painless in contrast to traditional scaling and root planing procedures.

In many cases, gum disease is exacerbated by other factors, which should be addressed in addition to the gum disease itself. These include smoking, medications, aging, stress, HIV infection, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, and more. Dr. Hellwig can better treat your gum disease when he is fully aware of any conditions that could affect it. Proper management of these conditions can effectively improve your oral health as well as your general health.

Maintaining Oral Health Through Education

After any oral health issues have been addressed, Dr. Hellwig and his team can help you maintain your new smile. He can help you understand proper hygienic techniques and may even provide specialized instruments or medications for you to use at home to manage any chronic problems.

In addition to traditional brushing and flossing, Dr. Hellwig uses the advanced Hydro Floss® machine. This innovative tool cleans hard to reach areas using streams of water that pass over a magnet to ionize the water molecules. This ionization increases the ability to remove plaque by 40% over other water irrigation systems. Dr. Hellwig has been recommending this important tool for home care since 1985. It gently removes good particles and stimulates the gum tissue.

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To learn more about the preventive treatments we provide and how they can protect the health of your smile, contact our office today.

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