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Endosteal Implants Provide the Security and Functionality You Deserve

When teeth are lost, the bone in the jaw begins to “dissolve” or “shrink” because it is no longer needed to anchor the teeth. This shrinking of the jawbone may make it impossible to place regular root form implants or wear dentures satisfactorily. 

A custom Endosteal Implant helps to preserve your jaw because it may slow down the resorption process. Wouldn’t it be nice to chew again?

Dental Implants

Dr. Hellwig offers dental implant surgery for all types of implant systems approved by the American Dental Association. What makes his office different is that he conducts the treatment from start to finish. This cuts down on time for the patient and allows Dr. Hellwig to control the quality and success of the case.

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How a Custom Endosteal Implant Works.

A Custom Endosteal Implant is a cast surgical-grade titanium metal frame which is custom-designed to fit snugly to your jawbone. Once the implant is placed on the bone, synthetic bone is placed over and around the implant and then your gums are closed over it. Then, removable dentures or fixed partial bridgework are anchored to the implant posts or a bar above the gums.

These implants are coated with special synthetic bone substitute called Hydroxylapatite (HA). 98% of natural bone is made up of HA crystals. This HA coating fools your jaw into believing that the implant is natural bone. Your natural bone grows into the HA coating, forming a biochemical bond which holds the implant securely in place. 

Custom Endosteal Implant created on a replica of the patient’s jawbone. The replica was designed using a cat scan image of the jaw. The Custom endosteal implant is then created using this jaw replica. 

The Custom Endosteal Implant frame work fits snugly over the jawbone. Removable dentures are anchored to the implant posts.

The Endosteal Implant Procedure

Step One: Creating the Bone Replica

The first step of the implant procedure is to make an accurate replica of your jawbone. This can be done in two ways. First, a bone impression can be made to make a cast of the jawbone. After this initial surgery, your dentures are refitted with a soft liner material, so you can wear them while your implant is being made. The implant is then designed on the cast and manufactured.

Another alternative allows your dentist to create a replica of your jawbone without the need for the first surgery. With this method, the bone impression measurements are taken using computerized tomography (CAT SCAN). The data from the CAT SCAN is used to create a three-dimensional computer image of your jawbone. This computer information is then relayed to a milling machine or three dimensional printer which creates a custom replica of your jawbone. Next, the Custom Endosteal Implant is designed for a custom fit. 

Together you and Dr. Hellwig will decide which method of obtaining the replica of your jawbone is best for you. 

Step Two: Placing the Implant

After the Custom Endosteal Implant is created using one of these techniques, the second step is to place the implant onto the jawbone, under the gums. The obvious advantage of the CAT SCAN approach is that it eliminates the initial bone impression surgery. Only one surgery is required– the actual placement of the implant.

The Custom Endosteal Implant surgery is done in the dental office under local anesthesia with sedative drugs that relaxes you in combination with “laughing gas” (Nitrous Oxide) that is more than adequate to make surgery more pleasant. General anesthesia, by a general anesthesiologist, is also available for patients when indicated. 

This system has helped many people without adequate bone for standard root form implants, as well as those who have failed with bone grafts.
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