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Using Dental Crowns to Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Misalignment, gaps, and other cosmetic concerns in your smile can be adjusted with traditional braces, but treatment can take up to 2 years and still not help you achieve your ideal smile. Dr. Peter K. Hellwig has developed a customizable restorative treatment to help you straighten teeth without braces at their office in El Cajon, CA. Using several high-quality, custom-crafted dental crowns, we can help you restore function and aesthetics to your smile and achieve dental alignment in as little as one month. 

Are You a Good Candidate? 

If you have been told that your case of misalignment can only be corrected by wiring and gradually shifting your jaw with traditional orthodontic equipment, our doctors may be able to correct this issue in less time and with more aesthetic results using custom dental crowns. A misaligned bite, known as malocclusion, can have adverse effects on your oral health and aesthetics, including: 

  • Altered facial appearance 
  • Frequent biting of cheeks or tongue 
  • Difficulty of discomfort when chewing 
  • Speech issues

If you have crowded teeth, a crossbite, an overbite, an underbite, or an open bite, you may be a good candidate for this treatment. 

Illustration of prepared tooth and dental crown

Crowns can provide the appearance of straighter-looking teeth in a fraction of the time required for traditional orthodontics. 

How Does Treatment Work?

During your consultation, one of our doctors will assess your misalignment and propose a treatment plan. Depending on your unique oral health condition, treatment will typically involve a series of custom-crafted crowns. To ensure that your goals closely align with our treatment objectives, we can provide wax-ups to help you visualize the results of your treatment prior to beginning. If you decide to undergo treatment, we will alter your existing tooth structures to create space for your new crowns. We will then take impressions to send to a local lab. While your crowns are being manufactured by a ceramist, we can provide temporary crowns to help you eat and speak normally until your crowns arrive at our office approximately four weeks later. 

Our doctors can design a custom treatment plan that addresses your functional and aesthetic concerns in as little as one month.

Once your permanent crowns are ready for placement, you will revisit our office to receive your dental crowns and achieve your desired alignment and aesthetics. We will place your crowns using a dental cement that closely matches the color of your smile. Placement of your crowns is relatively painless, and most patients experience only mild sensitivity following the procedure.

Benefits Over Traditional Braces

While metal braces can also help you achieve properly aligned teeth, this customized treatment has several benefits over traditional orthodontic treatment. 


Braces treatment is approximately two years long, but dental crowns can help you achieve alignment and aesthetic benefits in less than one month. 

High-Quality Materials

The porcelain used to create crowns is stain-resistant and translucent to closely match the color and look of your surrounding teeth. If your teeth are stained, misshapen, or disproportionate, dental crowns can provide aesthetic benefits not offered by braces. Crowns can also help strengthen weak teeth, providing restorative benefits in addition to their lifelike appearance. 

Call Our Office Today

Our doctors can design a custom treatment plan that addresses your functional and aesthetic concerns in as little as one month. To find out if you are a good candidate for this treatment, call our office at (619) 440-6364 or contact us online. During your consultation, we can explain the other alternatives to traditional braces and help you choose a treatment that is right for you. 

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