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Peter Hellwig, DDS, MAGD, provides affordable dental care that can be made to fit the patient's budget comfortably. If a patient needs a lot of work, Dr. Hellwig can do all of it at once, or he can phase treatment. If a patient just needs a simple fix to achieve oral health, we can help them.

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Dr. Hellwig: Our philosophy is that the treatment that we recommend needs to be catered to what the patient thinks his or her budget is. Kathy: We often have people come in that I meet with that have been told they need all this dental work, and maybe they've been to two, three, or four different dentists, and they say, "I can't do any of it. I can't afford it." So what we try to do is to look at what's most important. What can you do? What can you do, minimum, to get healthy? Maybe it's a simple extraction. Maybe it's just a filling, that chipped front tooth. Maybe it's a temporary crown, because your tooth is falling apart. There are a lot of little options that we can do. We can also do all of it, but we can also do a simple fix. Dr. Hellwig: Therefore we use a very soft approach to offering our services because the patient has to decide what is appropriate for them.
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