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Dental Implant Surgery from One Office


Dr. Hellwig offers dental implant surgery for all types of implant systems approved by the American Dental Association. What makes his office different is that he conducts the treatment from start to finish. This cuts down on time for the patient and allows Dr. Hellwig to control the quality and success of the case.

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We offer all types of implant systems approved by the American Dental Association. The predominantly successful implant is the root form implant. We do anything from a single implant to two implants to five implants in a jaw. Any patient, who is interested in an implant procedure, needs to know what the surgery is about, what are the pros and cons of the surgery, and the second phase, which is putting teeth on top of the implant or implants, because they need to be done and coordinated so that the surgeon is in total coordination with the prosthetics or tooth making function of this procedure. And if not, lots of problems happen. What makes our office and myself different from the average implant related procedure is that we control every step from initial diagnosis to completion of the case under our auspices, under our direction. The lab we use is walking distance from my office. So we control the quality and the success of the case. It cuts the costs down for the patient. It cuts the time down for the patient because we do whatever is required each appointment without you having to go to two different offices, which is called the team approach. We do the implantologist approach, one dentist responsible for the implant and for making the teeth. That saves you time. That saves you money. That gets you a much better result.
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