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Single Tooth Implants Are the Best Way to Replace a Lost Tooth


Dr. Hellwig explains that there are two basic ways of providing single tooth implants: traditional and immediate. Also, if patients don't have enough bone tissue to support an implant, they can receive a bone graft. This is a common, easy procedure that can restore patients' smiles.

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There are basically two ways of doing single tooth implants. Most of them are done with an implant that's placed in the bone after the bone is properly prepared. Then we leave it alone and let the bone regenerate or heal to the implant for about 90 days, and 90 days goes by very quick. There is another type which would be called an immediate implant, which we make when the patient is willing to take responsibility because it is not 100% successful. All implants have a very small, minor failure rate. That's life. Mostly we do single tooth implants after the bone is properly prepared or with augmentation, meaning that we add the patient's bone, which we harvest, with synthetic bone, which we add, or we may take bone bank bone, because often they've lost enough bone to require that. It's an easy procedure. It's a very commonly done procedure for us, whether it's in the front or in the back of the jaw, and patients are so grateful. It is a wonderful way to take care of a lost tooth.
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