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An Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Solution


Snap-On Smile can be a great option for patients seeking an affordable cosmetic dentistry solution. Made from modern materials, it can improve your smile instantly. You can have a great-looking smile in only two weeks.

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Dr. Hellwig: If you find that your teeth are not as attractive as they used to be, we have a modern material that we make a Snap-On Smile out of, which is very aesthetic and can change you to a beautiful smile instantly. Kathy: Snap-On Smile is a great option. One, there's two appointments. You come in, we take your impressions. And the second one, about two weeks later, you have your new smile. You walk out with a new smile. Second, it's affordable. Dr. Hellwig: Many of our patients have found that this inexpensive, affordable of plans allows them to go to a family reunion or wedding that they've been looking forward to. And they come in two, three, four weeks before the wedding is there, and we satisfy their needs with a Snap-On Smile. Kathy: It's also for confidence. We have people coming in here for Snap-On Smiles to get a new job, to go to school, to find their mate. We also use it as interim prosthesis, which is something we use while we're doing implant work. So a person can have a beautiful smile with missing spaces while we're letting their implants integrate.
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