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Dr. Hellwig's office invests in advanced dental technology to provide better care. He started with digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, and now has lasers and a CEREC machine. We can also provide phase contrast microscopy to educate patients about bacteria.

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Kathy Hellwig: Our office believes in investing in technology and investing in our growth, investing in an understanding of what we need to do to serve our patients the best. Dr. Hellwig: I brought technology into the office as I was experiencing the frustration of not being able to help my patients with a good result that I could be proud of. What I did is I availed myself of good digital x-ray technology with both a two-dimensional Panorex and intraoral pictures, little pictures in the mouth, to allow the patient to have a painless set of x-rays. We also introduced lasers which is the pinpoint technology to eliminate the disease and get re-attachment between tooth and gum to minimize surgical damage. In other words, cutting the gums off as has been done. And we introduced phase contrast microscopy that lets us see the bacteria so the patient can relate. Kathy Hellwig: It's a simple removal of a little plaque, and we put it underneath a microscope slide and put it on our digital screen so a person can see what we see and we can show them what bacteria is present. We can explain to them which ones are harmful and which ones are not. The CEREC machine allows us to produce crowns, all ceramic, metal-free, in a day. This is great for many patients in town but as well as for out-of-towners because it's a simple one-day visit. Dr. Hellwig: And then we treat them in a regiment that which fairly standardized with a hygienist and my supervision to get them to a higher state of health. Kathy Hellwig: We take pride in what we can offer our patients here in one office and one location.
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