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Compassionate Dentistry for Patients with Health Conditions


David was concerned about his dental treatment because of his health condition. He was very happy to see that Dr. Hellwig researched his procedure before performing it. This compassionate dentistry made him feel more confident and comfortable.

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One of the reasons I came to see Dr. Hellwig is because I have a disability. It's called osteogenesis imperfecta, and what that is, is a brittle bone condition. I was concerned about if it wasn't done right, I didn't want my jaw to fracture or the teeth to come out. I was very happy to see that Dr. Hellwig was willing to research the entire procedure before he started doing it, and I felt very comfortable with that. I felt I wouldn't feel comfortable with other dentists that weren't willing to do the research and just go in and start doing it. It took him a while to actually figure out how he was going to do it, so every time I saw him he had a little bit more progress to what he was doing. That made me feel a lot more confident, and I knew that he would do a good job.
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